15 Very Helpful Cooking Tips

1. If you wish to keep your fish pieces fresh for just two-three days within the refrigerator, wash them correctly, pat dry and rub a pinch of turmeric & salt and it inside a Ziplock pack.

2. Wash ocean fish with Luke tepid to warm water and fresh lemon juice. These assistance to remove salty smell from the fish.

3. While frying the fish or fish pieces, hot the oil correctly. Otherwise, the fishes mashed within the pan.

4. While cooking the raw vegetables, always steamed all of the vegetables before cooking. Then it will likely be simple to prepare, more tasty and take minus the time.

5. If you wish to prepare some spicy dishes rapidly, soak all of the spices in Luke tepid to warm water, it will require a shorter period to saute.

6. If you would like vegetables dish (like mixed vegetables, potato curry, brinjal curry etc.) gets to be more tastier, give a pinch of Asafoetida (Hing) within the duration of sauteing the spices.

7. Peel the eco-friendly mango, cut them in slices and dried under the sun. When its becomes dry, grind these questions grinder & create a fine powder. Homemade Aamchur is prepared.

8. For those who have extra spice paste, mixed all of them with some mustard oil and 1 teaspoon of salt for storing. It’ll remain fresh for just two-three days.

9. While sugar crystals becomes hard inside a bottle, keep a bit of bread within the bottle. After couple of hrs the sugar crystals is going to be separated.

10. Keep mushrooms folded with a few newspapers or paper packet, it keeps the mushrooms fresh in refrigerator.

11. Store cheese or paneer inside a air-tight container with a few sugar. It will help to avoid fungus formation.

12. After while using fresh lemon juice, keep lemons rind inside a glass jar with a few salt & ensure that it stays on the planet light. After couple of days mix some spices (like coriander, cumin seed, ajwain, saunf etc.) using the lemon rinds to create tasty pickles.

13. Always store Dry fruits inside a air-tight container and it inside a refrigerator. This can help to avoid fungus and earthworm formation.

14. Keep grated coconut inside a air-tight container and store these questions refrigerator to help keep fresh.

15. Soak unripe blueberry, blueberry flower in brine just before cooking to avoid them from blackening.

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