Grand Canyon Airplane Tours Are The Ideal Way To View The Scenic Wonder

If you want to see the Grand Canyon, you should take an airplane tour from Las Vegas. These tours leave once a day for the South Rim and four times a day for the landing tours at the West Rim and even more often for air-only tours to the West Rim.

Short Flights

You’ll get there really fast, no matter which rim you’re visiting. Planes make it to the West Rim in around twenty minutes. The South Rim is much farther away so it will take your plane about 45 minutes to get there. That is sure a lot quicker than going by bus which takes over 5 hours to get to the South Rim and over 2 hours to get to the West Rim. The Grand Canyon air flights only last about an hour or so but they offer awesome views and let you see a great deal of the region. Plus, Grand Canyon plane tours have a second advantage over bus trips: you’ll feel much fresher after your tour is over. All told, airplane tours are a fantastic way to experience one of the greatest natural wonders in the world.

Just How Big Is The Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is immense, almost 18 miles wide, 277 miles long, and a mile deep. The Grand Canyon National Park encompasses over one million acres and most of it is pristine wilderness filled with an amazing diversity of plants and animals that draw the interest of researchers all over the world.

The canyon was carved out by the Colorado River and it still flows along the canyon floor today. You can see the river from various lookout areas along the rim.

The Air Tours

Canyon flights come in two flavors: air-only and landing tours. Air-only flights are perfect for folks who want a quick way to sample the canyon’s main highlights. That being said, the landing tours are my favorites, and I highly recommend them. Why is that?Landing tours let you add adventures and experience the canyon first hand. For example, the landing air tours that go to the West Rim come with options for tickets to the Skywalk or chopper rides to the floor of the canyon.

The air tour that goes from Vegas to the South Rim is very popular too. These usually come with an added bus tour inside the park but you can also add on a chopper flight over the canyon too. You will see some amazing views on the chopper flight.

The pilots on these tours have a lot of experience and are fully licensed, and the airplanes are kept well serviced. The windows used in these sightseeing aircraft are designed for scenic views no matter where you sit. In addition, the tours are narrated in several languages so you’ll know what is going on around you.

Book Ahead

Most of the tours that go to the Grand Canyon depart from Las Vegas so they sell out pretty quickly. Waiting until the last minute to get your seats is risky because they may be sold out then. Booking your tour one or two weeks ahead of time is best.

Enjoy The View!

Be prepared before you head for Vegas and your tour. Dress appropriately for the weather and don’t forget to bring along your tour confirmation email and credit card. Don’t forget your camera and make sure it is fully charged so you catch all those great scenic shots.

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