How many people does the world’s biggest plane hold?

It’s been some time since the Wright brothers first took to the skies, inspiring generations of air travel after them – but did they realise quite how big it would become?

The Spruce Goose used to be the biggest thing in the sky but it was quickly overtaken by a host of others, take a look at these mammoth machines that have stepped up to take the title.

1. Airbus A380

This is the largest passenger aircraft in the world and depending on its configuration this double-decker plane can seat up to 853 people. These ‘super-jumbos’ are more in demand than ever given that the number of people flying worldwide has increased, which is putting a huge amount of strain on our airports.

2. Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas

This giant liner is the world’s biggest cruise ship. Weighing in at 227,000 tonnes, this cruise liner has 16 stories and is over 1,187 feet long – which means the boat is a staggering 164 feet longer than the Eiffel Tower! The boat can carry 5,500 passengers with a crew of 2,400 to look after them all.

3. AutoTram Extra Grand

An unusual one to finish off the list, the AutoTram is officially the longest bus in the world. This triple-hinged number is nearly 100 feet long and can seat 256 passengers but amazingly has the same turning radius as a conventional 40 foot long bus. The lengthy bus is currently being tested in Germany.

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